Solivin 3 Pack

Solivin 3 Pack


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Purchase a multipack containing 3 tubes of Solivin cream, 100 g each. The price of goods in such packaging is lower than the price of goods purchased separately.

Buying 3 packs is not only an economical solution, but also a more environmentally friendly choice in terms of transport and packaging consumption. This opportunity helps us reduce our carbon footprint, solid waste, and energy consumption.

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Make purchases profitably. In an economical package, there are 3 tubes of 100 g of Solivin cream.

A triple pack of Solivin cream is cheaper, the price of a product per piece in such a set is lower than when buying three products separately.

When you buy a discounted package, you also think about the environment. Thus, from the point of view of transportation and consumption of packaging, the kit is a more environmentally friendly solution. Together we can reduce our carbon footprint, solid waste, and energy consumption.


Homogeneous mass of medium viscosity olive color with a specific odor. Well absorbed. The cream is suitable for any type of skin, has good tolerance, does not have an aggressive effect on the skin, has no restrictions on the duration of use, does not contain hormones, dyes and fragrances, has no restrictions on the area and frequency of application, is not addictive.


The cream is applied in a thin layer to problem areas of the skin 1-2 times a day. Rubbing the cream into the skin is inadmissible! The course of application is from 1 to 4 months, subject to regular daily use.


The cream contains in its composition a balanced combination of active active ingredients (solid oil, bee honey, three-part series, chamomile, vitamin A, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, cedar oil, salicylic acid, Siberian fir extract), specially selected for the most effective effect on the skin ...


It has an anti-inflammatory, emollient, exfoliating and regenerating effect, including helping to restore the lipid barrier of the skin, its integrity and function, and normalizes the hydrobalance of the skin.

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