Solivin ointment is comprised of balanced combination of active ingredients. Each of these ingredients has been carefully selected for its unique properties to enhance effective combination for most effective treatment results.

Mineral oils and plant-derived oils

SOLIVIN product’s basis is manufactured according to our proprietary recipe. SOLIVIN´s active ingredients facilitate ointment’s absorption by the skin and improve blood circulation within the skin. Mineral oils and plant-derived oils are ideal as carriers for ointment´s active ingredients. Oils speed up epithelialization of skin, resulting in maximum alleviation of undesirable visible signs of problematic skin conditions, chronic skin diseases and other skin problems.


Anti-bacterial agent

  • Destroys polysaccharides of microbial shell
  • Suppresses growth of gram-positive bacteria
  • Stimulates body‘s response to treatment
  • Mucolytic and anti-inflammatory effects
Bidens Tripartita plant

Annual plant with anti-inflammatory effects

  • Improves healing processes
  • Alleviates symptoms of allergic reactions
Cedar oil

Natural antiseptic

  • Eliminates reddening, swelling, itching and irritation of skin
  • Anti-fungal, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and regeneration effects
Eucalyptus oil

Antiseptic agent

  • Alleviates inflammation
  • Facilitates faster skin regeneration within the damaged areas
  • Eliminates peeling and itching
  • Soothing effect
Vitamin A (retinol)

Normalizing agent

  • Regulates processes of proliferation (skin cell regeneration) and intra-cellular communication
  • Thins stratum corneum layer
  • Facilitates faster skin regeneration
  • Facilitates pigmentation
  • Balances sebum glands activity
  • Alleviates skin inflammation and itching

Annual plant with antiseptic and locally anesthetizing effects

  • Disinfects
  • Alleviates inflammation and alergic reactions
  • Facilitates healing
  • Soothing effects
Extract from Siberian Fir

Component with phytoncide, anti-bacterial and disinfecting effects

  • Gives our product a pleasant scent
  • Slows down aging processes of skin
  • Beneficial effect on skin blood vessels, improves blood circulation within the skin
  • Cleans pores and tonifies skin
  • Improves local immunity
Salycilic acid

Transdermal carrier

  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Exfoliating effects
  • Antiseptic and keratolytic effects
  • Improves effectiveness of ointment - small amounts are needed
  • Increases skin’s ability to absorb effective ingredients
Lavender oil

Essential regeneration oil

  • Improves micro-circulation within tissue
  • Eliminates open sores, redness and rashes
  • Alleviates swelling, itching, irritation and peeling
  • Improves skin’s resistance against negative external factors
Bee honey

Decongestant, anti-bacterial agent

  • Softens and alleviates inflammation
  • Restores normal skin structure
  • Strengthens skin

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